JANUARY 23, 2021
12:00 PM – 1:30 PM


Renegade Training, is a high-intensity CROSSFIT GYM that focuses on the foundations of CROSSFIT. We focus on Olympic Lifting, Gymnastic movements, Mobility, and Cardio training and educate our members on the sport of crossfit. if there isn’t a class running, it’s open gym for you to practice your skills!
The class will be led by a Crossfit certified coach that will take you through a warm-up, skill work, and a WOD. Our coaches will supply all instructions and will make sure you're performing movements safely and efficiently. You will practice Olympic lifting, gymnastics, bodyweight movements, and more.
Because most RT Group Fitness classes train using Olympic barbell strength movements, athletes may wish to focus on developing their weightlifting technique. Barbell Club can assist with isolated strength programming. Athletes can expect an increase in their strength numbers and an efficiency and cycling of lifts.
Our beginner-friendly Prep Course is a 2-day, one-on-one course, designed for our incoming members. You will be introduced to Olympic lifting, gymnastics, our programming, and cardio movements to prepare you for group classes. This is how your fitness journey begins.
The competition class is designed to prepare athletes looking to compete in local competitions. This class is fast-paced and high-energy. The programming for this class is elevated with a movement specific warm-up, a strength piece, and multiple metabolic conditioning/skill pieces.
We're taking it back to basics! If you feel like your barbell skills need some TLC, stop by our Barbell Clinic. This class focuses on efficient and effective moments. We'll breakdown Olympic lifts and run through technique work, drills, and proper movement patterns so you can continue to improve.
Our nutrition counseling follows a flexible dieting approach: a mindful, healthy, and science-based approach to eating to fuel your body based on what is right for you. We will give you the tools necessary to give your body exactly what it needs to perform at its maximum capacity.
We can not stress the value and importance of recovery to achieving your fitness goals. Our Mobility Flow program is a yoga class that will stretch your muscles out and helps loosen all of the tension to prepare you for the next big workout. We also offer the class virtually in case you wish to do this from home!
Need to squeeze in some extra skill work? Want to practice your lifting technique? When there's not a group class, it's open gym! Welcome to enjoying the benefits of a 24/7/365 gym! There is no specific programming during open gym but there will always be a WOD available for you to do.
Our personal training will provide athletes with individualized attention to improve their skills. You will work with a certified coach to determine your goals to work on Olympic lifting, gymnastics movements, or cardiovascular endurance all tailored for you.
Too busy to make it to the gym? We get it! Our online program is created every day and can be performed anywhere with minimal equipment. We keep the workouts short, 30 minutes or less, and intensity high. It’s a great option for anyone that wants to improve all-around fitness to live healthier.

You can injure yourself in any physical activity. CrossFit workouts, or high intensity, functional movements themselves, are NOT dangerous, bad movement IS dangerous. We teach proper mechanics with consistency before moving you on to an increase in intensity. We require all new members with no CrossFit experience to go through our one-on-one two-day prep course. 

It’s a 2 day, a one-on-one course designed for people who are brand new to CrossFit. Our goal in this course is to introduce you to some new skills and movements that will get you ready for our CrossFit Group Classes. Here is what you can expect from our Prep Course:

  • We will teach you how to move efficiently and effectively. You will work with our Coaches to learn basic movement patterns and skills. You will have the option to work with our Barbell Club Coach practicing the Olympic lifts.
  • We will begin with basic movements, practice them, and practice them again. We will focus heavily on technique and proper mechanics to keep you safe. We will only add more advanced movements and weight when you are ready.
  • We will discuss dieting with you. We believe in real eating and not having to count calories. We will talk about different diets and lifestyles and you can determine which will best fit your needs.

Of course not, that’s why you came to us, right? Our workouts are scalable to all fitness levels and ages. We welcome everyone

Research shows that shorter duration and higher intensity workouts yield higher benefits and results. It all comes down to hard work. We combine shorter workouts at a higher intensity to get the most out of each training session. The results are evidence that hard work pays off. Once you see the results, you’ll never go back to any other type of physical activity.

Our rates are very comparable to other competitors in Pittsburgh. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality coaching staff available with the most simple and effective programming. The price per class breakdown is much lower than a drop-in at a local gym or yoga studio. AND, WE ARE NOW 24 HOURS!!…Oh yeah, how much was that coffee you’re holding???

We know when you’re out traveling you don’t want to miss a training session. Our drop-in rate is $20/class (or, you can purchase a shirt) or $50/week.

We make all workouts possible for all fitness levels and ages. It can be as “hard” or “easy” as you want it to be. The harder you push, the better your results will be. Give us a try, we promise you won’t regret it!