“I cannot thank Renegade Training enough. When I started my journey in July 2016, I was overweight and unhappy. I’ve never been an athletic person (and that’s the kindest way to say it) so I was definitely out of my comfort zone. For months, I stubbornly stuck to the Lite classes. I needed to get into a routine. It wasn’t until February (when the first picture was taken) that I madesome major changes. I started coming to the gym, regular and lite classes, 3-5 days a week and made better diet choices. The coaches and community at Renegade have supported me every step of the way. While I’m still hoping for more results, I am proud of the work I’ve put in and I’m proud of the results I have made.”

~Erin Kressler 









“In 2012 I heard about CrossFit from a coworker and was intrigued. I had always been active in some capacity–from volleyball, track, and cross country in high school to training for 5ks and doing cardio at the gym in college. However, I was tired of the treadmill and ready to try something new.

Despite feeling intimidated by CrossFit, I signed up for a prep course at Renegade Training in the spring of 2012 while preparing to run my first (and last) half marathon. My first WOD of the prep course featured a series of basic body weight movements that I was unsure I would be able complete–I somehow survived and fell in love with CrossFit.

Over the past five years at Renegade Training, my coaches and the supportive community here have helped me to  achieve things I would have previously considered impossible and only for “legit” CrossFitters. I still have so much to work on (i.e. double unders and muscle ups) but that’s what keeps me coming back. I genuinely love challenging myself and trying improve with every workout.”

~Julia Cowher