Prep Course

What is a Prep Course? It’s a 2 day course designed for people who are brand new to CrossFit. Our goal in this course is to introduce you to some new skills and movements that will get you ready for our CrossFit Group classes.

Here is what you can expect from our Prep Course:

  • We will teach you how to move efficiently and effectively. You will spend your time with our Head Coaches learning basic movement patterns and CrossFit skills. At the completion of the course, we give you the option to spend a class working with our Barbell Club Coach practicing the Olympic lifts.
  • We will begin with basic movements, practice them, and practice them again. We will drill technique and proper mechanics to keep you safe. We will only add more advanced movements and weight when you are ready.
  • We will discuss diet with you. We believe in real eating and not having to count calories. We will talk about different diets and lifestyles and you can determine which will best fit your needs.
  • You will see RESULTS! Your body will adapt quickly during the first 8 weeks. We encourage “before” and “after” pictures. Once you see the results, you’ll be hooked!

Schedule & Rates: The cost is $50 for the 2 days. The Prep Course runs once every month, on a consecutive Saturday and Sunday, 12-1:30pm. You must be in attendance both days in order to transition into our regular group classes.

You must pre-register for this! To sign up for our Prep Course, give us a call: 412.353.9381 or shoot us an email:

Time not good for you? Contact us about scheduling a private Prep Course.