Q: Do I have to be in shape before I start? 

A: Of course not, that’s why you’re coming to us, right? Our workouts are scalable to all fitness levels and ages. We welcome everyone!

Q: Can I get a good workout in less than an hour?

A: Research shows that shorter duration and higher intensity workouts yield higher benefits and results. It all comes down to hard work. We combine shorter workouts at a higher intensity to get the most out of each training session. The results are evidence that hard work pays off. Once you see the results, you’ll never go back to any other type of physical activity.

Q. What is a “Prep Course”?

A: It’s a 2 day course designed for people who are brand new to CrossFit. Our goal in this course is to introduce you to some new skills and movements that will get you ready for our CrossFit Group classes. See our page for “Prep Course” under our “Programs” tab for more information! Or, email us: info@renegadetraining.org.

Q: I heard CrossFit is dangerous…

A: You can injure yourself in any physical activity. CrossFit itself is not dangerous… bad movement is dangerous. We teach proper mechanics with consistency before moving you on to an increase in intensity. Check out our Prep Course for more information.

Q: I’ve seen CrossFit on TV. It looks intense. Can I handle it?

A: Hasn’t anyone ever told you NOT to belive everything you see on TV?! We make all workouts possible for all fitness levels and ages. It can be as “hard” or “easy” as you want it to be. The harder you push, the better your results will be. Give us a try, we promise you won’t regret it!

Q: I hear it’s expensive. Is this true?

A: Our rates are actually lower than other competitors in Pittsburgh. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality coaches available. The price per class breakdown is much lower than a drop-in at a local gym or yoga studio…And how much was that coffee you’re holding?

Q: What is your drop in policy?

A: We know when you’re out traveling you don’t want to miss a training session. Our drop in rate is $20/class or $50/week. Due to attendance rates, we do not allow drop ins for our 5:30pm CF Group.